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Maria Donald(non-registered)
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Harlan Kennard(non-registered)
Very nice!
Jeanne Boyer(non-registered)
Kathee, your photos are amazing!!! I love the ones of horses on the track in the snow!! You are a true artist.........have a beautiful new year 2013. Love, Jeanne
Johnny D(non-registered)
Love your recent updates... About time ...Lol! Great photos, I really enjoy the way you capture everything... Always look forward to see what new stuff you put up!
Johnny DAgusto ( Johnny D)(non-registered)
The recent pics of winners from Fair Hill are really cool
These are wonderful, and I also found you through Fair Hill Training Center's website! Great pictures!
I saw your pictures on the Fair Hill Training Center site! They are beautiful! The light and colors in some of those just takes your breath away. Do you sell them?
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